Villa Permata is a case study allowing us to analyze the effectiveness of CLT & Glulam as a structural component in a mix between modern and traditional design application. Here we analyzed how our products can be broken down from concept drawing into singular panels and beams ready for prefabrication and installation.

The pure use of timber gives a certain character to the living space that everyone can grow to love and appreciate. The concept and inspiration behind this particular architectural design came from the Tambi tribe of Sulawesi Selatan (South of Sulawesi). We wanted to produce a design which combined both traditional wooden tribe housing with a modern and contemporary timber finish. This would allow for a very comfortable living space.

This particular villa design is readily available for order upon request.

There were two main purposes for this project.

One was to study and understand how to effectively convert an architectural design into something that we could prefabricate in CLT panel and GLULAM beam form.

The second purpose was to try to innovate and create a design that showcased local traditional culture with modern day finishing. We wanted potential buyers to feel comfortable and one with our local culture. Our in house architect aimed to craft a two-bedroom villa admirable for mini resorts or second “holiday” homes for families and friends who appreciate an atmosphere away from hectic and busy city life. The Permata Villa would be very suitable for mountain areas with a beautiful view.