Rumah Papan Cililitan is one of our very first trial orders for a full home-office unit in the busy center of East Jakarta.  It is a simple 2-storey home office where our client has decided to incorporate Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) & Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) on the second floor in order to create a rich, creative, and natural working environment in the hopes of boosting productivity and higher standards of living.

For this particular project, our installation team wanted to experience handling Mass Timber and evaluate its effectiveness as a construction system. The results are very pleasing, as the construction process has proven many benefits when using prefabricated items upon installation. Some key benefits include a quicker build, almost 10x quicker than conventional methods of construction. Within 2 hours, construction workers were able to start working on the second floor of the building. If our client decided to use concrete as a floor, we would have to wait for the concrete to dry over a 10-day period before we can use it as a platform to commence with further construction. Moreover, we only needed screws and steel plates to connect the panels and beams with one another. There was not much need for cutting and shaping of the beams and panels on site. This implies that the construction site was a lot cleaner & quieter when compared to conventional construction methods.

Feedback from the construction workers also seem to prefer working with timber as it is easily adjustable when minor corrections have to be made on site. Our CLT & Glulam is durable and also only 20% of the weight of concrete, which makes the material a lot easier to handle. The road accessibility of the project site was very small which meant that we could not have used large sized panels and cranes to lift them into place. We used 1.2 x 2,4 m panels, which were easily lifted manually by hand.

The Purpose of this Project was to test Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) & Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) as both a construction system and a construction material.

As a construction system, we wanted to prove that Mass Timber building components are efficient and easy to install with no special skills required. We used general local Indonesian workforce who are common builders with no specialty in woodworking to execute this project. We transferred the know-how to them, and they managed to implement the new method of construction with ease. The results have shown that building with Mass Timber is an effective system as it is; easy to handle, quicker to install, with no special skills required.

As a building material, we really wanted to bring CLT & Glulam onto the field, where we can test the material out of the labs and force them to go under construction site stresses. We have done smaller projects outdoors, but Rumah Papan Cililitan meant putting the Mass Timber we manufactured directly in the center of East Jakarta. Lucky for us, construction was held in the months of January and February, which is heavy raining season for us. We were able to study how our CLT & Glulam reacted when they were exposed to the hot sun, rainy showers, changes in temperature and humidity, pollution, animals and insects, etc. Thus far, our CLT & Glulam has proven to be very durable & ecofriendly. We will continue to monitor and track its moisture content over the course of a year.

The design concept of Rumah Papan Cililitan was that of a mix between traditional design and modern contemporary finish. Our client wanted to experiment with Mass Timber as both a construction material and a total knock down, prefabricated building component. With pride, our client states that he is able to tear down his home-office at any time and relocate whenever and wherever he wants.