Cross Laminated Timber

A composition of multiple lumber boards layered crosswise
and bonded together using structural adhesives.

A natural choice for sustainable & eco-friendly construction, cross-laminated timber is an ideal building system destined to replace concrete and steel in many different applications. One of the many benefits of CLT, as opposed to steel & concrete, is its ability to sequester carbon emissions in the air. This makes for a very “green” & efficient construction method. It is truly the building material of the future.

Furthermore, all our products are recyclable. Cross Laminated Timber structure is usually connected with non-corrosive steel bolts, dowels, plates, and screws. Once a building is no longer in use, it can be disassembled, moved, and installed in a different location, or it can be taken apart and recycled for other purposes. Making Cross Laminated Timber a natural choice for sustainable construction.

A New Architectural Vision

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a prefabricated wooden panel used for walls, roofs and floors across a wide range of structural applications in the residential and commercial sectors. 

Cross laminated timber (CLT) can be utilized in beautiful and creative ways. CLT opens new possibilities for architects and builders to design items that other materials such as concrete find difficult to achieve. Timber as a base material emphasizes its natural organic look, which enables architects to express their architectural creativity. The only limit to what one can create with CLT, is restricted by ones imagination.


  Planned installation
Higher tolerances achievable through prefabrication

  Less work on site
Panels are made to order & prefabricated for each project, making installation highly efficient

  Quick installation
30-50% reduction in construction time

  Lighter structures
CLT has good strength to weight ratio in comparison to steel & concrete

  Simple assembly
Requires only limited site skills with basic equipment

  Savings in building cost
Savings can be found in overall project costs, especially through significant reductions in installation time

  Less amount of workforce
Repetitive installation patterns allow for simple installation upon its arrival on site

Better for the environment
less on site work, less materials, less wastage, cleaner working environment


Cross laminated timber excels in thermal, acoustic and fire performance. Manufactured with high accuracy, CLT panels improve a buildings thermal performance through its airtight properties and construction. It also subsequently reduces the overall energy usage of a particular building.

  • CLT panels store carbon dioxide in the air. Unlike Steel and Concrete which releases carbon dioxide emissions into the air, timber sequesters carbon.
  • CLT Panels thicker than 95mm are super airtight and assist with the durability of the structure.
  • CLT offers significant advantages in respect to fire protection compared with reinforced concrete or steel.
  • CLT panels with acoustic insulation exceed building regulation requirements.
  • The wood used for manufacturing our products are from sustainably managed plantation forests, meaning that only trees of a certain diameter are extracted for manufacturing, and not all trees are used. In other words, no deforestation. Furthermore, after the logs are taken out, new trees are planted to continue a growth and cut cycle of timber. It is important to note that all our timber is legally certified by local government bodies according to its origin.


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