Woodlam Indonesia Woodflame

Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板 (or Yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese exterior wood preservation technique that preserves the wood by charring the surface with fire.

Hundreds of years ago, Japanese woodworkers discovered that they could prolong the life of wood by charring the exposed surface. This process called Shou Sugi Ban, created enviable, stunning result that are still highly demand today. It can be applied to many species of timber, machined into variety of profiles, and put to a number of uses most commonly as cladding, fencing, and decking.

Woodlam Indonesia brings ancient technique back to life & combine it with Indonesian lovable wood species. Here, we call it Woodflame. It is a complete solution for both exterior & interior setting. Whether you want dramatic, warm, modern contemporary, or traditional, it is versatile enough to complement any style with the character of wood with a twist of “flame”.

Black is the New Green

By applying the fire treatment, Woodflame creates an additional barrier of protection against insect attack and decay, furthermore increasing the species overall durability. It is naturally “Black Stained” without chemicals and incredibly easy to complement & mix with other material being a timber in nature/


Rot and fungi resistance, reduce water absorbency, chemical free, and comes from responsible harvested tree.

Why charred wood cladding?

Traditional Japanese method shou sugi ban, also known as yakisugi, makes charred
wood resistant to harsh weather conditions and ensures it is durable in time.


Main advantage is that the burnt timber cladding surface does not change its colour in time. Also, charred layer is resistant to mould, insects, water and even fire. In Japan, this technology was introduced 800 years ago.


Charred layer protects timber and it is a long lasting solution almost for a century. In difficult weather conditions, the char layer needs reinforcement. We have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the best solution as per your needs.

Precisely engineered

Manufacturing of charred wood requires accuracy, both in the process of preparation and burning the wood. We always select and prepare the best material with care and measure the charring time precisely to ensure the high-quality output.

Unique solution

Charred wood is a unique yet modern solution for a variety of designs. Charred wood can be used for exteriors as well as interiors. For exteriors, charred wood is mainly used for cladding.


We produce charred wood cladding by following traditional Japanese method to preserve wood. We do not use gas or other fuels to produce charred wood. Instead of wasting natural resources, we use a special technology where the wood burns by itself.

Scientifically tested

Lots of research studies have been done to find out the durability of the charred layer over time. Some testing has indicated that a 2mm char will last for 5 years at minimum, in a fully exposed application.


The Yakisugi process involves controlled charring – heating wood in temperatures up to 1200°C. Although there are small amounts of CO2 emissions from charring the timber, the process negates any need for chemical preservatives and is completely natural and organic.

Charring burns off the cellulose sugars from the outer layer of timber, leaving the dense hard cell structure. This wood is therefore made structurally stronger by this process. The carbon layer that remains on the exterior of the wood is weatherproof and naturally deters fungi and moulds without the need for chemical finishes or paints. Charring the wood also makes it a deterrent for bugs and makes it a natural fire retardant. As the ‘char’ is part of the timber’s organic make-up, it doesn’t require re-application like the chemical finishes and paints we use to achieve similar benefits.


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