Adha Juniardi
Timber Specialist & Supply Chain Executive

A graduate from Indonesia’s renowned forestry university, Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Adha is our trusted Wood specialist. From his studies and comfort in working with many different local wood species throughout his years of education, visiting many sawmills and plantation sites all over Java, as well as spending immense amount of time in timber testing facilities and laboratories, Adha is able to ensure us the quality and strength of our locally grown plantation woods.

Adha is the true altruist. He thrives on staying up to date with all his colleagues and takes serious responsibility in helping others at all times. Like the Japanese, he is a man of great service, enjoying any role that allows him to participate in a meaningful and impactful way. In the Workplace, Adha shows clear and genuine intentions to maintain social order and harmony, as well as use his warmth and intelligence to make sure each person knows their tasks and responsibilities.

Full of curiosity and willingness to continuously improve, Adha strives to perform his finest at all cost, delivering only the best of results to his colleagues and our clients. Adha finds joy in socializing and meeting new people, to hear their stories, experiences, and also to absorb knowledge.

He is known as “The Consul”.