Yofangga Rayson
Co Founder & Chief Operations Officer

With natural drive and thirst for endless knowledge, Yofa lives in a world of ideas and strategic planning. Yofa places high value in intelligence, knowledge, and competence, typically having high standards in these regards. Overcoming hurdles, finding solutions, and translating customer demands from concept to reality is his forte.

As a modern individual raised in the 21st century, Yofa is confident in his ability to develop new concepts and adapt to new ideas whenever it is required of him to do so. Yofa is ambitious, confidant, deliberate, and a long-term thinker. He dislikes messiness, inefficiency, and tackles potential problems and issues before they are due. This makes Yofa a key player in our team, keeping our colleagues on point at all times.

Beyond the highly driven individual, Yofa finds passion and joy in pursuing certain activities that many find enjoyable. He is an adventurous traveller, always seeking for new locations not common among tourists, a talented photographer, a thrill seeker, an adrenaline junkie, and enjoys creative tasks including drawing, painting, and creating.

In Life, he is “The Architect”.