Woodlam Indonesia Timberclad

A composition of multiple lumber boards layered crosswise
and bonded together using structural adhesives.

First impression count. A well designed facade creates a beautiful first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the property. Whether you’re doing a bit of home improvement or you’re looking to add natural, eye catching allure to a commercial design, cladding always steps up the mark. With its natural aesthetic, it can dramatically transform the appearance of a building adding value, style, and interest.

Woodlam Indonesia Timberclad make a visually stunning architectural statement. Our Timberclads are flexible and have been designed to be attached to any structural element. they will dramatically transform the appearance and value of a building. In fact, Woodlam Indonesia Timberclad insulates fifteen times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel, and 1.700 times better than aluminum. This makes it a fantastic natural insuator.

A New Architectural Vision

By applying the fire treatment, Woodflame creates an additional barrier of protection against insect attack and decay, furthermore increasing the species overall durability. It is naturally “Black Stained” without chemicals and incredibly easy to complement & mix with other material being a timber in nature/


Rot and fungi resistance, reduce water absorbency, chemical free, and comes from responsible harvested tree.


Cross laminated timber excels in thermal, acoustic and fire performance. Manufactured with high accuracy, CLT panels improve a buildings thermal performance through its airtight properties and construction. It also subsequently reduces the overall energy usage of a particular building.

  • CLT panels store carbon dioxide in the air. Unlike Steel and Concrete which releases carbon dioxide emissions into the air, timber sequesters carbon.
  • CLT Panels thicker than 95mm are super airtight and assist with the durability of the structure.
  • CLT offers significant advantages in respect to fire protection compared with reinforced concrete or steel.
  • CLT panels with acoustic insulation exceed building regulation requirements.
  • The wood used for manufacturing our products are from sustainably managed plantation forests, meaning that only trees of a certain diameter are extracted for manufacturing, and not all trees are used. In other words, no deforestation. Furthermore, after the logs are taken out, new trees are planted to continue a growth and cut cycle of timber. It is important to note that all our timber is legally certified by local government bodies according to its origin.


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