Jeshua Sadeli

Living young in the 21st century, Jeshua is a true visionaire. Holding a degree in Economics & Communications from the University of Melbourne, Jeshua has a special talent for innovation, identifying opportunities, conveying ideas and concepts, decision-making, strategizing, and most importantly bringing out the best in others. As a people-focused individual, he is genuine and cares about bringing others to excel in every aspect of life, enabling our surroundings in the workplace to always feel motivated, content, and productive. Jeshua’s charisma and infectious enthusiasm motivates us to deliver excellent results and quality, demanded from today’s highly competitive markets. Leading the charge, inspiring others to think instead of obey orders, and motivating confidence into his coworkers, Jeshua shows the character of a true leader.

As the CEO, Jeshua combines his skill in recognizing individual talents and his natural charisma to not only push his team and projects forward, but to make his team have the desire to always push forward. Jeshua makes things happen for people, and in return receives personal satisfaction from this.

At Woodlam Indonesia, Jeshua is honored as “The Protagonist”.