Slamet Sugiri
Head Production Supervisor

Slamet has been working in the wood industry for the last 16 years. An expert in timber manufacturing, he began his career as a machine operator in PT. Kayu Permata’s production plant. During that time, Slamet stood out and showed impressive skills in being able to operate multiple machines. His eagerness to learn and self-improve allowed him to explore with new technologies such as CNC machinery. For the last 9 years he has been promoted to work in the office as head of RND, and has brought many new innovations and ideas into the company. From operator, to supervisor, to department head, Slamet truly understands the full production processes of timber manufacturing.

If anyone can maintain great friendship and keep tension to a minimum within the workplace, it’s Slamet. Slamet uses his strong observational and social skills to bring everyone together. A serious work environment is very important to us, but so is having fun. Seriousness and fun brings productivity, which allows all of us to enjoy our work at all times. Slamet’s spontaneity, wit, and enthusiasm have no equal. The more freedom he has to meet these needs, the better the results, there’s hardly a better person to have around in a dynamic, hectic work environment.

Slamet is a storyteller, with wisdom and humor accumulated over years, we call him “The Entertainer”.