Glued Laminated Timber

Glulam is an engineered timber beam comprising of smaller timber laminations bonded together with structural adhesives in parallel layers

Glued laminated Timber enhances the structural abilities of wood as a renewable material. Glulam beams and columns are manufactured with local legally certified (SVLK) plantation wood found across our nation. The idea of utilizing plantation woods to form mass timber building components with flawless structural abilities gives us a peace of mind, that no forests, ecosystems, and lives were harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.

Furthermore, all our products are recyclable. A glulam structure is usually connected with non-corrosive steel bolts, dowels, plates, and screws. Once a building is no longer in use, it can be disassembled, moved, and installed in a different location, or it can be taken apart and be can used for other purposes. Making Glulam a natural choice for sustainable construction.


Woodlam Indonesia Glulam products create new architectural possibilities for all types of construction projects. Our Glulam can be utilized internally or externally in any residential, commercial, and or public spaces. With Glulam’s incredible strength and design flexibility, large-scale wooden structures are feasible, opening up a world full of possibilities.

It is worth to note that glulam excel in areas prone to earthquake attack and fire hazards. Wood is a rigid but also flexible material. Due to its natural properties, wood is comprised of molecular cells that promote both strength and elasticity. Unlike concrete and steel that permanently bend and break in earthquake conditions, the elasticity of wood enables it to handle certain amounts of stress allowing it to come back to its initial state. Furthermore, mass timber does not burn easily. As a matter of fact, it chars at a predictable rate of approximately 0.7mm/min on average. This enables architects and structural experts to design a building with fire resistance in order to fulfill international building standards and safety requirements.


  Planned installation
Higher tolerances achievable through prefabrication

  Less work on site
Panels are made to order for each project, and installation is highly efficient

  Quick installation
Services can be installed whilst panel installation continues

  Lighter structures
Glulam has a good strength to weight ratio in comparison with steel and concrete

  Simple assembly
Requires only limited site skills with basic equipment

  Savings in building cost
More savings can be found in the reduced installation cost

  Less amount of workforce
Glulam structure simply needs to be put together like lego upon its arrival on site

Better for the environment
less on site work, less materials, less wastage, cleaner working environment

A Load Bearing Marvel

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) is a prefabricated wooden beam used for vertical columns and horizontal beams across a wide range of structural applications in the residential and commercial sectors. These structural members are manufactured and reinforced by laminating timber boards together with durable, weather-resistant structural grade adhesives.

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) can be utilized in marvelous ways. Glulam offers new opportunities for architects and contractors to design and install prefabricated beams with longer spans. The laminations of the finger-jointed boards prior to pressing allow for the reinforcement of the finished product, enabling glulam to withhold heavier loads. Unlike concrete and steel products, Glulam can be easily formed to complex and interesting shapes to give you excellent aesthetics combined with excellent performance.


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