Logistics and Assembly

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Logistics & Assembly

Woodlam Indonesia works thoroughly with local contractors who are experienced in the handling of timber. Wood itself is a natural resource used by mankind for means of construction from very early civilizations. Our country is considered very rich when it comes to the availability of wood as we have a lot of forest & plantation areas across our archipelago. Moreover, most of our traditional style homes are built from local hardwood species.

The installation of CLT panels & Glulam beams may look a little tricky, however; most installation sequences are quite repetitive and pretty simple. Not a challenge that our local workers cannot handle. Woodlam Indonesia offers two different assembly/installation services. For smaller projects such as office extensions, tiny houses, gazebos, and flat pack units, our in-house assembly team is more than capable of handling and monitoring the installation process upon delivery. For much larger residential and commercial spaces, Woodlam Indonesia partners with highly trained contractors who are reliable in delivering a great finished product.